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245 1 0 _aMass dictatorship and memory as ever present past /
_cedited by Jie-Hyun Lim (Professor of History and Director, Research Institute of Comparative History and Culture, Hanyang University, Seoul), Barbara Walker (Associate Professor of History, University of Nevada, Reno) and Peter Lambert (Lecturer in Modern European History, Aberystwyth University)
264 3 1 _aHoundmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire ;
_aNew York, NY :
_bPalgrave Macmillan,
300 _axii, 253 Seiten :
_bIllustrationen ;
_c23 cm
490 0 _aMass dictatorship in the 20th century
500 _aEnthält Literaturangaben und Index
500 _a"This book ... owes its writing to the 'Mass Dictatorship as Ever Present Past' conference hosted by Jie-Hyun Lim at Hanyang University between 27 June 2008 and 29 June 2008 ... Most of the contributions to this volume were presented as papers at the conference"--Page viii
505 8 0 _tIntroduction: Coming to terms with the past of mass dictatorship
_rJie-Hyun Lim and Peter LambertThe predicaments of culture: war, dictatorship and modernity in early post-war West Germany and Japan / Sebastian Conrad
505 8 0 _tVictimhood nationalism in the memory of mass dictatorship
_rJie-Hyun Lim
505 8 0 _tCreating a victimised nation: the politics of the Austrian people's courts and high treason
_rHiroko Mizuno
505 8 0 _tUkraine faces Its Soviet past: history vs. policy vs. memory
_rVolodymyr V. Kravchenko
505 8 0 _tHistory and responsibility: on the debates on the Shōwa history
_rNaoki Sakai
505 8 0 _tWidukind or Karl der Große? perspectives on historical culture and memory in the Third Reich and post-war West Germany
_rPeter Lambert
505 8 0 _tThe suppression and recall of colonial memory: Manchukuo and the Cold War in the two Koreas
_rSuk-Jung Han
505 8 0 _tAccomplices of violence: guilt and purification through altruism among the Moscow human rights activists of the 1960s and 1970s
_rBarbara Walker
505 8 0 _tConsuming fragments of Mao Zedong: the Chairman's final two decades at the helm
_rMichael Schoenhals
505 8 0 _tThe lived space of recollection: how Holocaust memorials are conceived differently today
_rJörg H. Gleiter.
520 _a"The landscape of memory studies has been transformed by a growing consciousness of global interconnectedness and the politics of human rights. The essays in this volume of the Mass Dictatorship project explore the entangled pasts of dictatorships, the tensions between de-territorializing and re-territorializing memories, and the competitive construction of memories of the intersubjective past from a world-wide perspective. Written from a variety of differing historical perspectives, cultural positions, and disciplinary backgrounds, the collection searches for historical accountability across the generations of the post-war era."--Publisher's website
650 0 _aDictatorship
650 0 _aCollective memory
655 7 _aKonferenzschrift
700 1 _aIm, Chi-hyŏn
700 1 _aWalker, Barbara
700 1 _aLambert, Peter
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